Thursday, October 11, 2018

Profile: Susan Melia

This post is an installment of our profile series featuring participants, loved ones, advocates, and team members of the MBCproject. Thank you to all who have shared their voice and stories.

Today's profile features Susan Melia.

Q1. In your own words, can you share with us your reasons for joining the Metastatic Breast Cancer project (MBCproject)?

Knowing I would be less isolated as part of a social media group for groundbreaking research by simply clicking “count me in”. That the MBCproject was asking for my tumor sample, DNA and liquid biopsy when no one else was, and I could be a small part of this amazed me.

Q2. Please tell us what being a part of the MBCproject means to you.

The fact that the Scientists and their team care actually care what we think and have made themselves accessible is remarkable and gives me the greatest hope that through this partnership new treatments and possible cures are within reach. That through this cutting edge research and sharing, many of us can live well much longer and those who follow us in diagnosis will be much better off for our having participated.

Q3. If you'd like to share, please tell us how it felt when you were diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

An absolute kick in the gut! Having been vigilant year after year while “acing” annuals WITH ultrasounds it was shocking to hear “The Radiologist would like to see you” instead of “you’re good to go” on mammogram day. Then within two months of my diagnosis realizing my dense breasts had failed me, while hearing the words no one should ever have to hear “we can’t cure you but we can treat you”....Fade to Black.

Q4. In a few words, can you please share with us your hopes for the future of metastatic breast cancer?

That soon, more labs will sign on to this concept to take advantage of our willingness to participate. Greater awareness for more funding directly to stage IV research accelerating studies in genomics, liquid biopsy and overcoming drug resistance. This is the future of MBC and our best hope to live.

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